6-star attack power Thick core.  Classic high viscosity.  Front center of gravity.  Hydrosol bonding. Designed for offense, born for table tennis with new materials, front center of gravity, bigger sweet spot for sports, overlapping attack waves Professional PRO-grade soleplate, thickened core designed for new material table tennis, can especially strengthen the bottom strength, imported wood such as Linba, natural texture, carefully polished handle, delicate and soft grip, easy to control rotation. Attack type professional soleplate, arc circle/fast attack rubber cover, forehand Double Happiness classic high-viscosity madness or Tianji series rubber cover, friction rotation power is obvious, backhand [reverse rubber] uses large aperture sponge, equipped with Tiangong series. Backhand 【Long Glue】Choose the unpredictable Cloud 3 long glue, which can prevent and attack.

PACKING DIMENSION: 11.25" x 7.25" x 1.5"