$1,395.00 $1,995.00

Functional voice control and prompts. 7" LCD touch LCD/supports HD video and audio playback. Built-in smart Android/WIFI wireless connection/web tour. More professional self-edited combination ball mode: can be any self-edited each ball drop point, rotation, speed, radian, number of times and combination. One-click initialization function and digital clock display.

  1. Ball frequency: 25-90 balls/min, can be personalized.
  2. Body capacity: about 100 balls.
  3. Out of the ball drop point: long and short ball each 1-11 (a total of 22) drop points can be arbitrarily self-edited.
  4. Ball speed: 4-50M/S, individually available.
  5. Out of the ball angle: automatic high, low grading adjustment.
  6. Ball rotation: 9 kinds of rotation, bring your own LED light to indicate the direction of rotation.

PACKING DIMENSION : 45.7" x 30.1" x 19.7"

*Come with balls collector net and 72pcs D40+ professional training balls.