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Increase the free choice of drop points on the basis of speed and rotation changes, and up to 11 intelligent combination solutions give you heavyweight hands-on training. Can be used for professional teams, high-level fitness venues, community clubs, ping-pong clubs, enterprises and institutions and other occasions of professional training and fitness entertainment. Frequency: 25-95 balls per minute. Body capacity: about 100 balls. Out of the ball drop point: fixed point and the whole station 11 o'clock.

  1. Ball speed: 4-50M/S.
  2. Out-of-ball angle: Adjustable range of 40 degrees.
  3. Ball rotation: 9 rotations

PACKING DIMENSION : 45.7" x 30.1" x 19.7"

*Come with balls collector net and 72pcs D40+ professional training balls.