40 plus big ball solutions. Thick core. Ma Long technical configuration, suitable for new material table tennis balls, 5 layers of pure wood 2 layers of aromatic carbon fiber, large core of 0.5mm. The new ball era sharp weapon, continue the Ma Long attack and defense conversion fast, fast and changeable style, the bottom force has been fully strengthened, full of explosive power.

Number of Layers: 5+2AC

Approximate weight:  FL - 89 grams (+/- 3 grams); CS - 87 grams (+/- 3 grams)

Blade Type: OFF++

Thickness: 6mm (+/- 0.1mm)

PACKAGING DIMENSION : (Paddle in a gift box) 11 1/4" X 7" X 2"; (Case) 12.5" X 9" X 1.5"

Gift of purchase: RC530 DHS Rhino-Tech squareshaped red bat case